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Women’s Day. 

Hello everyone. As we all know that yesterday  was Women’s Day. I just came across this challenge. Being a huge fan of Superwoman, a.k.a Lilly Singh, I thought of taking the challenge. But, its an unfortunate reality that this will never be accepted in a country like India. Being truthful, if we do this somewhere or the other people are going to talk shit about us. May be they will compare us to prostitutes. Okay now coming to prostitutes – Why are they considered wrong ? I am aware of the vicious circle and the laws and I do not wish to oppose them. But, are you aware about the history of whores in India? The laws are good and they need to be there, in order to avoid certain crimes.  Getting back to the track – We are well aware about a bra. Yes, we are. Why don’t we talk about it openly? Yes I am woman and I wear a bra and I am not ashamed of it. I have breasts therefore I need to wear a bra. We don’t even talk about breasts. Aditi Mital once said, “Talking about bras, sanitary napkins in India is like standing in Hogwarts common room and talking about Voldermot”  SO THEREFORE THIS WOMEN’S DAY IF YOU CAN’T MAKE A VIDEO ITS TOTALLY ALRIGHT. BUT, DO RAISE YOUR VOICE. TALK ABOUT BREASTS, SANITARY NAPKINS, etc. This way we can increase awareness and reduce the risk of breast cancer. I know Women’s Day is over, but our fight is still on. Let’s fight for equality. Let’s try to practice the laws. Women need to stand for other women. ~ Palak Arora 



Mountains coached me to write.

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