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Hit Back. We are no less. 

Once I and my friend were walking back home from our tuition class. My house is in the outskirts of the city. Therefore, it is too far away. It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach my house from the classes. That day we did not get an auto or a bus so unfortunately we had to walk. We were walking on the footpath, there was a man walking in front of us. All of a sudden, he turned back and then stood on the side so that he could walk behind us.  Subsequently, he came near my friend and started strolling beside her. Initially, we ignored this but then it became awkward. He tried to touch my friend. Being a short tempered woman I couldn’t bear this. I warned him and he said, “Madam why are you getting angry? A woman is born to satisfy a man’s need.” Yes! He literally said that. It was an empty road and there were just one or two people nearby who were ignoring his actions. The woman in me couldn’t resist and I slapped him.  He said that he would come back. I said, “Yeah! Sure! Fucking Asshole! Go die!” I do not know what happened to my friend, but she started throwing stones at him and cursing him. She is a shy girl but this incident lead to her transformation. And yeah it has been an year and we never saw him! He never dared to return! And to all those women who get scared because they often fear that the man will come again! – “If you love yourself and believe in your inner power you should never let such an asshole run away. Cause you my friend can change and save lives by your act of courage. Fight for yourself! In this world, you need to fight and stand up for your right. Do not be afraid and show some courage for yourself and the entire womenfolk.” ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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