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A Girl With A Beard 

Yes it’s the portrait of a girl with a beard! Yes I am going to talk about it! If a woman has hair on her face she is tyrannized by the society! Here – I am not talking about the little hair growth which you can get removed, rather I am talking about the improper growth of hair on a woman’s face because of the  irregular menstrual cycle. A lopsided menstrual cycle has a number of noxious effects on the body of a woman and this is one of them. We are Indians and consequently we are hairy people.But, it’s strange that our society dosen’t tend to accept a woman with hair on her face. She is suggested many ways in which she can control the hair growth. But, it’s an unfortunate reality that people tend to ignore the radix of the problem. Especially women! I have come across many women who tend to rely on someone else in order to take her to a doctor. Why? I do not find a valid excuse for this demeanour. Get up for yourself because nobody can take care of your body, the way you can. Besides this, women are being scrutinised by the society for the hair on her face. People tend to make a big agenda out of this. They condemn her, bully her, torture her. Yes indeed it’s a  big issue but the society dosen’t need to take care of it. The woman who has the problem, will deal with it. The society dosen’t need to comment upon the appearance or nature of living of a woman. They do not need to judge her. It is her choice! Because she comprises half of the human race! Because she is the mother of the human race! So here is a command and not a request on the behalf of all the women – to everyone and also to those women who tend to criticise fellow women –  to stop reminding her about the hair on her face. Stop it! Being a woman, I know  how that feels like. Supporting women can help in building a more compassionate society but if we tend to  afflict them – the world will become a hot mess. (More so, than it already is!) And this is to the women who are ashamed because they have facial hair -“Nobody can rule over our minds until and unless we give them the power to rule over us. We are the master of our minds. Our good friend Bob Marley says that – ‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but we ourselves can free our minds.’ So my dear, do not worry about the world, their opinion dosen’t matter. It will fade away. It’s time to shine a bright light on the monsters that feed on our insecurities.So get up!” ~ Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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