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Kanya Pujan 

We are cognizant of the fact that this day is acknowledged as Kanya Punjan. It revolves around the significance of Feminine Faculty and Power. Before this day, people tend to fast for nine days in order to impress various Hindu Goddesses. But, it’s paradoxical that besides these days of Navratras we are prone to disrespect womenfolk in some or the other way.We advocate values but we also rap on the knuckles about character.We recite scriptures and praise the Goddess in her honour but we are orthodox and narrow minded from inside.The women in our country have been treated as slaves since many years.Men are considered superior and are never questioned regarding their inhumane actions. As time has progressed, India has gone through massive changes. Women have started working in order to gain economic independence.But it is a miserable reality, that some  women are still dependent on men for little chores. Talking about widows – they aren’t treated well in our great country.A woman is the mother of our human race but it’s sad that this heavenly body dosen’t belong to her. There are number of women who do not have their own homes.This world has tried its best to imprison women with their beliefs and other social norms. It is 2017 yet we are still fighting for equality.How many more years do we need to build a society whose chief element is equality? How many more years do we need to convince the minds of those who believe in a male dominated society? How many more years?This Kanya Pujan try to implement some changes in your lifestyle in order to promote the idea of an equivalent society. Napoleon was once asked about the great need of France.He said, “Nation’s progress is impossible without trained and educated mothers. If the women of my country are not educated, about half of the people will be ignorant”.

Support women, Respect women, Your fasting is of no use until and unless you learn to pay homage to women. Worshiping a mannequin won’t do any good, respect the living entity and the epitome of Goddess Durga. She can save the world. She can protect you against any enemy but only if you respect her. Respect her and she will multiply it while returning it. ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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