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Women With A Darker Complexion 

Beyonce! She has been ruling our hearts, since a long time. The most beautiful woman in the world. She doesn’t have a fair complexion or anything. She has a darker complexion – a sort of honey toned skin colour. In 2008, rumours arrived that Beyonce had gone through a surgery, in order to have a lighter skin. But, later this was considered a fallacious news. Well! I just wanted to make this rumour and it’s subsequent happenings crystal clear-Because we all know this is internet and somebody is going to comment below-What about the so and so rumour.

Harking back to the paramount topic- When the most beautiful woman in the world dosen’t have a fairer complexion, why does our society condemn women, who are born with a darker complexion? A fairer skin dosen’t determine the beauty that you are prone to hold within your heart. Your heart and your good deeds are your treasure. Women with a darker complexion, are often offered to use some great products and techniques in order to develop a lighter skin. Why do most us tend to adopt methods, which will make other people like us? Why aren’t we satisfied with our real beauty? God shaped our body. The supreme power wanted us to be this way. And if you respect the great Lord, you would never aspire to change your body and it’s features. You are beautiful the way you are.

Beyonce has a beautiful soul. She is one of the most influential women in the world. Now let me make this more clear- It’s not her complexion or her looks which made her achieve success, rather it is the quality of her rituals and her hard work. Our birth has no connection with our success. Success is the product of the fight and hard work. Nobody is entitled to feel depressed or sad. The train of sadness arrives, when we send it an invitation to arrive. If we master our minds, nobody in this universe can make us feel bad. So, embrace your beauty and heart-it is the most wonderful gift of God. ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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