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School. What is School? The Internet says that – it is an institution for educating children. But, my soul and experience do not wish to give a nod to this meaning. In their opinion, School Life is a magical blend of knowledge, happiness, sadness and merrymaking. I am palpably against the education system. But, let’s not talk about this. Getting back on the route – School is over. All of us have spent, the early thirteen years of our life in school.

Now, we are never going to get up early in order to attend school. You must be wondering about the speciality of school life! Well, I was, and I am elated to admit that I have contrived the answer! The truth is – School loved us despite our ugliness. Our school friends have seen us at our worst. They have witnessed our first relationship and break up. As kids, when we entered into the institution – we made friends without any kind of selfish motive. I know we have evolved! Humans evolve! And let’s be real –  Back then, some of us were also bullied. But, I am pretty sure that we all have various good memories too. We all cherished those moments in our style. Of course, some of us don’t even talk to people – we once said were our ‘best friends’. But, that’s alright! Even if we have two to three friends right now, we are happy.

Nostalgia hasn’t occupied my soul yet, but I am sure, it will someday! Life dosen’t end. It is an ongoing process. So I would like to opine that – School life has met it’s doom. Don’t look back, it won’t come again. Don’t be afraid of the future. If you don’t have an objective right now, do not worry! You will find one! Just stay faithful to your soul! Live in the present because that’s the only time we have in hand. The actions we initiate in the present, dictate our future.  ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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