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FGM-Female Genital Mutilation.You must be wondering about the meaning of the term.I know, many of us are unaware about this crime and ‘us’ includes our ‘law makers’ and the ‘victims’ too.Yes the victims!You might have heard this term for the first time,therefore I will break this down for you.Okay!Now you will have to envisage the whole scenario,in order to feel the terrible crime-‘You are a five year old girl.You are sitting in your living room and watching your favourite cartoon show.Your grandmother enters the room,and asks you to accompany her to the market.You do not wish to go.She says,”If you accompany me, I will buy you chocolates.It is just a matter of an hour.”She bribes you and you accept the proposal.When you reach the market,you remind her of her promise.She buys you the most costliest chocolates.You are on the top of the world.You plant a kiss on her cheeks.She says that she has some more work.Thus, you accompany her to an old and shattered building.You enter a dingy room.An old woman is sitting on a bed and reading something.When she sees you both, she hugs your granny and says hello to you.It seems like she has been waiting for you since a long time.She leaves the room to get something.Your granny tells you to lay on your back on the bed.Being an obedient child you follow her orders.The woman returns with a blade.Your granny tightly holds your hands and the woman ties your feet to the edge of the bed.Your granny says, “There is nothing to worry. It will just take a few seconds”.The woman pulls down your pants and then your underwear.She has tied your legs in such a manner,so that they remain wide open.You feel a sharp pain,down there. You moan loudly,but nobody comforts you.The woman applies some black powder near your vagina.Your granny says,”Stop crying or I will slap you.This happens with everyone.”You do not know, what harm they have did to you.You feel extreme pain for the next two months.Now,you are 25 years old,and you visit the doctor because of a lopsided menstrual cycle.The doctor says this is because your clitoris had been cut.’  This is the story of approximately 200 million women around the world.It has been banned in certain countries but it’s awful that India hasn’t banned this yet.People generally avoid talking about this crime.It badly affects a woman’s mental and physical health.Most of the victims seem to be unaware about this frightening crime.It’s astonishing that Khatna(As boharis call FGM)is practised in the heart of Mumbai,in Bohari Mohalla,where 90% of the Bohari’s live.This practice has many demerits relating to pregnancy,menstrual cycle,mental health and many more.The Bohrais call it’unwanted skin’or’haram ki boti’.This is done to curb the sexual desire.Many midwives perform this act and are reported to be unskilled. Some doctors (Educated People) also practice this dreadful act.I request you to raise your voice against this scary crime.If you can’t do a lot, do a little.I am pretty sure if you are reading this you have internet and a smartphone.Therefore,kindly spread the word so that it reaches the authorities.~Palak Arora

I request you to sign this petition. The link is –



Mountains coached me to write.

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