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Domestic Violence 

Her hands tremble. A subtle tear escapes her eye. Her mouth wants to fabricate a long and loud piercing cry. But, if she tries to complain or rebel, they will thwack her once again. With time, scars have become a part of her body. But, believe me – she is still beautiful. The color of her eyes resembles the shade of the clouds on a rainy day – dark grey. Just like the grey clouds, her eyes also keep producing rain – heavy rain. Her skin is as soft and creamy as a charlotte russe. She has sharp features and a perfect body – that can easily attract any man. 

      That night, was different from the other nights. Her husband wasn’t tired and frustrated due to excessive work. He didn’t even beat her in order to feel good. Rather, he bought her a beautiful and expensive red sarree. It was red in colour – which would add to her beauty. He also booked an appointment for her, in an expensive beauty salon. She was overwhelmed with joy but wasn’t aware of the motive – behind his changed demeanour. He tried to make her feel special and asked her to wear the sarree for the next day’s dinner, as he had invited his boss. He also said that he might get promoted if the dinner went well. Of course, he was being selfish. But, she ignored this and decided to prepare some delicious dishes for the dinner. 

      The next day, his boss came to their house. He was a wealthy and handsome man. Her husband and his boss decided to drink before having the dinner. While, they were drinking, his boss offered her a glass of wine. She initially refused but somehow her husband convinced her to drink.

      The next morning – when she woke up – her head was throbbing and she saw that she was lying naked on the bed. She didn’t remember a single thing, after having that glass of wine. All of a sudden, her husband entered the room with a glass of lemonade. 

      He said, “My boss liked you. You were great last night. He wants to visit again on Monday.” 

    She opined,”But… I don’t remember anything. Did he like the dinner? What happened last night? ” 

   He said,” You slept with him. He didn’t eat the dinner. He liked you, he said you were amazing.” 

   She flinched and grew pale from shock. She started crying and shouting at the same time. He pushed her to the floor, constantly slaped her and pulled her face near his, by her hair. He took out a rod and striked it on her hips. He closed all the doors and windows, locked her in the room and left for work. 

      She sits in a corner – weeping and waiting for someone to fight for her. She is still there, millions of women like her – who do not act – who survive all the pain – until death arrives to free them. 

      Do not sit and weep. Act. Take action. No one can save you, except you yourself. Get up – Hit Back. Even God helps those who help themselves. If you are reading this and facing the same. Get up. Get up. Get up. Fight for yourself. Do not wait for death, for nobody knows what will happen after death. Be your own hero. Even a victim is considered a part of the sin, if he doesn’t revolt against it. ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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