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Mother’s Day 

Injunction: Mind the article. With or without it.  My words will kick you from behind and then overtake you and walk backwards, and hit you in your faces.

Today, when the sun rose in the east and started forging its way across the sky – most of the people started looking for beautiful pictures of their mothers in their mobile phones. After carefully inspecting each photograph, they uploaded it, with the title -Happy Mother’s Day; May you live long; I love you Mommy; Blah! Blah! Blah! Some of the captions stated, “My Mother is my Best Friend.” (Read the statement twice. I will wait.) Well! Well! Well! Who the hell are you lying to? Your mother isn’t your best friend. In fact, your classmate knows more about your life; than her. Most of you do not even have a proper conversation with her. The only conversation you generally have involve – Giving orders and Shouting. The name of this day should be changed from ‘Mother’s Day’ to ‘Labor’s Day’.

Besides this, some of them also baked cakes and bought expensive gifts. Most probably, these gifts weren’t for her personal use – rather for household use. Many people bought chocolates for their mothers – captured them in their phones  and uploaded it as their stories on instagram. At the end of this day, those chocolates will be there in their bellies. They bought it for their mothers; but we all are humans – and most of the things about us are hypocritical.

Mothers. Who are they? I often wonder about the material required to make a mother. How do they survive such extreme pain? How do they mould their lives according to us? I will never be able to do this! Never! I can’t change my lifestyle for another being. Its too difficult. I can’t survive the pain my mother survived, when I was born. Whenever I think about the pain-my heart begins to enter the circle of fear. They are the real Goddesses. Worship them; Don’t abandon them – when they need you. Thank the Gods on a daily basis, because they made her. Mother’s Day has passed but, it’s never too late. I will recommend you something I do every morning. Each morning, when you wake up- Rush to your mother and plant a kiss on her cheek. Uploading pictures on the Internet will get you Fame but not Love.~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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