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Cat Calling 

Cat Calling. Initially, I thought of writing a formal article. But, then I experienced it and I decided to metamorphose it. Maybe I will couch it using anger, pain or some other negative human emotion. (I know, I am complicated!) I am going to present it in a form of letter. I know people will get disgruntled. But, I don’t care.

Dear Cat Callers,

Felicitations! You are finally procuring the scrutiny. You are a tiny owl! You saw me riding my vehicle and your filthy mouth pronounced,” tu-whit tu-whoo!” Oops! My words are hurting your self-conceit. Some of you don’t even know me! Some of you, have seen my face! Surprisingly- Some of you were once my friends! But, as I mentioned earlier – You are all tiny owls! That’s what you have in common!

Cat Calling! Huh! It’s not a major issue. Uttering remarks about a random women walking on the streets, isn’t a big deal. The way you do this-is hilarious. I am being honest! I swear by all the Old and New Gods! (Well! Fans of Indian TV Serials won’t get this reference.) Well! Harking back to the paramount topic, I have a very important question in my mind. Why do you do it? In my opinion, first of all, you are freakishly inspired by flims! Specially, Indian Flims! In movies, the actor whistles, dances, compliments the co-actor’s figure and she agrees to have sex with a stranger. Wow! Claps and Clamours! Due to this, you think that may be the same might happen with you too! Great! I salute you! Okay! Now, we have a category for cowards too! It’s Milksops! This category involves namby-pamby people! You don’t stand on the streets! You don’t whistle! You text her! You stalk her on social networking sites! You do not want to have sex! Rather, you want to have a sex chat with her! You like all her pictures! You write mucky comments below her pictures! You poke her every hour! If she blocks you, you text her from your friend’s account or you make another account – And you keep repeating it – because you are a douchebag! My mind wants to ask a question again ( For all Cat Callers) – Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit, that comes out of your mouth?

I have no suggestions for you! Because that’s a waste of time! Rather; I have suggestions for women – First of all, Ignore them! I know – You should react! Blah! Blah! Blah! But, I will stick to it, Do not react – until you know: Self- Defence. I believe in Girl Love and I support it! But, this dosen’t mean throwing oneself into harmful situations! Learn Self Defence! Wear comfortable clothes! Because you don’t know, when you will need to defend yourself! Get equipped! Focus on yourself! Uplift yourself so much, that nobody dares to pass shitty comments! Be strong! Hit Back! ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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