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Marital Rape

Oh! Marital Rape is not a crime! It’s a husband’s right! His wife is his property! It’s her duty to entertain him and make him happy. In our hideous society, Marriage tends to give a husband carte blanche to exploit the wife’s body. In fact, some of the parents are prone to marry their son because – he wants to have sex – and if he falls for some random girl and they do it – then, in case she gets pregnant – it is going to be a huge issue. In the words of the society, “Before the boy slips from your hands – Find a suitable bride and marry him.” Let’s prance to Arranged Marriages. These marriages are arranged by the parents and certainly some other relatives. The basis of these kind of marriages are appearances, financial conditions, education and of course respect in the society. The groom tends to judge the bride by her appearance and the families discuss other factors.I am not speaking against arranged marriages; I am just opining my perspective. Well! Most of the developed countries have declared marital rape as a crime. But, India is going through a lot of controversies and discussions regarding the same. If people get fully acquainted with this crime; the crime rate will subsequently experience a rise. But, a lot of women in our nation will not fall into the trap of depression and other mental illnesses. Well! In the words of Lilly Singh: “In this world, Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for.” As I always suggest, don’t sit there and suffer. Stand up. Get familiar with the laws. Fight for yourself and become your own hero. It’s your body. None but you have the right over your body, not even your husband has this right. If you feel like giving it to him – do it- But, if you don’t – Learn to Refuse! Well! The nation tends to be asleep regarding this issue. So as Malala Yousfsai once said, “When the world is asleep, even one voice, becomes powerful.” I am doing my part, now the turn is yours! Raise your voice! ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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