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In the first place, I consider it important for you, to know about the meaning of ‘Overt Manifestation Of Love.’  Predominately, the term means, ‘PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION.’ Here, I am not opining about the world. I am just talking about my country-India, for I have seen it-through my organs of sight. In our nation, kissing  in public is reckoned to be against Indian Culture.

Love making in public is deemed as an influence of the west. Let me break this down for you! I am not talking about having sex in public, I am just talking about kissing. Kissing is a part of love making.

The Police is prone to take actions against public display of affection. People or the strangers, tend to look differently at a couple who dares to celebrate love in this manner. Even the kids are taught that, kissing paves a path for pregnancy. Little do we know, that kissing was born in India. We have some mysteriously amazing scriptures like The Kamasutra, which elucidate the elegance of sex.

Well! I do not want to talk about history. Therefore, let me haul your attention towards this day and age. First of all, I do not wish to encourage sex in public or continuous swallowing of mouths. I just want to talk about kisses, holding hands and other minor forms of celebrating love.

I think that, Indian people should broaden their minds, regarding PDA. Not all Indians are-illiberal, but there are people who do not seek or try to reorganize their minds. We have a prodigious history and we tend to be oblivious to the same. I comprehend that, it’s irksome to watch people, bringing the soca party right in the middle of a public area. But, minor acts of affection do not promote any harm. I would like people to acquaint their minds with more knowledge, because talk without knowledge does not do any good. ~Palak Arora       



Mountains coached me to write.

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