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A Bird Of Passage

She was a globetrotter. She never wanted to be a nomad, but her love for traveling had positioned her in the genre of nomads. Just when she was on her India junket, someone suggested her to visit a city which is located in a state in northern India. A city which is beyond history – Kashi – the Spiritual Capital of India. She never traveled with a perspective of exploring the place; rather she traveled to acquire knowledge. When she was evaluating the ghats of Kashi, an irony of a situation hit her. Her eyes got a glimpse of an unfamiliar situation. There was a newlywed couple performing rituals and seeking blessings from the Holy Ganges, but at the same juncture, she spotted a cremation ceremony. A thought struck her mind; she said to her companion, “It is startling to watch the commencement of a new life and the demise of another life at the same spot.” Since that instance, India became her favorite country. ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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