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‘The One’

Somebody made me believe in love. Somebody made me believe that I could write. Somebody once said,” Eh…You can become a great writer or poet.” Somebody who had never read poetry with interest. Somebody who claimed to love me. Somebody who I knew for just an year. Somebody who would teach me great life lessons. Somebody who would soon betray me.

Most things, situations, feelings, musings, people are a lie. Sometimes, even truth contains a layer of lie. There’s only one truth – Me. I am the only belief that can be accepted by me as truth. Whom could I truly pin my trust on, than me? People are a lie. They can’t be trusted. One can read the mind, but not the heart. The path to the heart, involves everything from life to death. You cannot read someone’s heart until and unless, ‘the someone’ is ‘the one’. Believe me or not, there is always a chance for error and doubt. You cannot love someone deeply and truly until you face the ‘game changer’ – ‘Death’. We can watch the slide show of our life, right before our eyes. We can feel things. We have nothing to lose and we are not scared. Our heart mouths all the blessings, that one can ever give. But, these blessings is just for – ‘The One’.

I haven’t met the One. This is just a theory. I don’t know what it feels like to meet ‘The One.’ I have no clue. I just believe ‘The One’ exists somewhere. I just believe. ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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