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When Things Go Wrong 

The blame game has no end.

In my opinion, if, in the beginning of a new life event, one indulges in setting relationships with a lot of people – It is a 98% possibility that he/she might end up hating at least half of them.

Some people like to entertain it as experience whereas some may say that it’s a part of getting out of a situation of addiction.

The truth is, we try on people. Just like clothes. In life, we have to spend a great deal of time in the Try Room, than in a Clothing Store.

They say that Video Games are a great analogy for life. But, I feel Life is a great analogy for Life itself.

We take people in the Try Room. We judge them. We analyse them, and see, if they are the right fit, if they are the real deal. If we like them, we buy them or else, we leave them for someone else to buy them. At some point, they get destroyed, so, we throw them or mend them. It’s all a matter of feelings and priorities.

~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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