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The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is one most well relatable books, I have ever read. This isn’t a book review, rather it’s about how I feel after reading it. I feel I am not alone. I feel someone once felt like, just like I feel today. He certainly is a Misanthrope. He hates to entertain stupidity, but is willing to take responsibility for his actions and make things right. But, he ends up being a mess. In his opinion, getting away is the perfect remedy to get rid of his unfortunate situation. Believe me, I feel the exact same way. He does love some people in his life. But, he cannot help but look into the negative, most of the times. He’s a pessimist and thinks about the worst that could happen in a situation. But, he doesn’t analyse things properly and he knowingly ignores the facts sometimes. He is a straight forward person and people take him to be a rude lad. He doesn’t like to get too much into indirectly explaining something to someone, because in his experience people don’t get it. Though, he takes the indirect path quite a couple of times. He’s agitated because the rules and working of this world seem unreasonable to him. His style of storytelling is amazing. Subsequently, the reader feels like he’s listening to a friend. ~Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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