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26 October 2017

My world is losing it’s balance.

It seems to fall out of control.

Today, I met a woman.

She wanted to kill me and feed my body to the crows. The dark words from her mouth, polluted my soul.

My breath stopped and my soul started screaming. Nobody could hear the voice. Nobody could feel the pain.

She was successful in attacking me. She slaughtered a part of me.

The surroundings turned misty and dark. There was only one voice. The voice of my soul.

It was crying for help. The wound hurts and I cannot forget the moment. Nobody can compel my mind to forget the pain.

The Truth is-

Pain never heals. We just find distractions. Entertainment is a distraction. But, unfortunately, distractions are not forever. So, some of us, initiate believing that love and happiness aren’t meant for us. We never stop looking, but we become pathetic with age.  We turn into the Leftovers, in the world. We are driven by pain. We can be passionate, but not lovable.We want to be free, and we seek death happily. -Palak Arora



Mountains coached me to write.

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